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Paint Booth Programs

B&R understands the challenges in today’s marketplace and the demands you face in the collision industry.  You have made significant capital investments in your equipment to help you meet these challenges and it is vital to your success that this equipment operates at its fullest potential.  Our goal is to make sure that your investments are cared for and remain fully functioning to deliver the results you need.  Our expertise of over 40 years of servicing collision center equipment has lead us to develop a new series of maintenance programs designed with one motivation in mind – keeping your collision center running at maximum productivity.

The Value Proposition
What does it cost a collision center NOT running at maximum capacity?  With only one less car being completed a day, the monetary loss is staggering.  One less car a day means, on average, lower sales of $2,000 per day!  On a production schedule of 5 days per week and 52 weeks per year you will lose an astounding $520,000 in sales in one year!  How can this occur?  Filters that are dirty and not regularly changed, burners not operating at the correct settings, motors not running efficiently, fans not functioning properly due to a buildup of overspray, as well as lights that are burned out or covered with overspray impairing visibility can all be a cause for loss in production which will result in a loss of sales.  In addition, improper care will lead to a shorter lifespan for your equipment making it necessary for you to spend considerable money for new equipment before you need to.

The Programs
We have developed 4 levels of preventative maintenance programs that are built around our industry leading 14 point inspection.  This inspection includes many adjustments and modifications that will make sure your equipment is operating efficiently.

We also offer filter programs in various degrees where our experienced technicians will be scheduled to visit your collision center to remove old filters and install new, clean filters.  We also have programs for filter sales and delivery to your collision center.

To remove overspray keeping fans and motors operating at their optimal levels and to improve visibility, we offer an annual pressure washing program.  As an additional pressure wash service, you can add a booth coating to help keep your booth clean and reflective for proper lighting.

One of the advantages of becoming a Paint Booth Program Member is that you will receive a 5% discount on parts and labor on all service calls during the program year.

See more information and advantages of becoming a Paint Booth Program Member by reviewing our brochure.  [Link to Paint Booth PM Brochure]

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