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Lift Maintenance Programs

The B&R Lift Preventative Maintenance Program is designed to provide a premium preventative maintenance service while also meeting the Automotive Lift Institute’s (ALI) and certain states’ requirements of having an annual lift inspection performed on each lift in your facility.  The inspection meets the inspection points recommended by manufacturers as well as the guidelines set forth in ANSI/ALI ALOIM:2008.  Our technicians are qualified lift inspectors under the guidelines set by the ALI.  This preventative maintenance program is designed to make sure that at the time of inspection the lift is operating in a proper and safe manner and as efficiently as possible.

One of the advantages of becoming a Lift Program Member is that you will receive a 5% discount on parts and labor on all service calls during the program year.  Below are several additional highlights of our Lift Preventative Maintenance Program:

  • Perform annual full service preventative maintenance and lift inspection by qualified lift inspector and a completed inspection checklist is provided to document the condition of each lift.
  • Full service preventative maintenance service includes proper lubrication of all cables, sheaves, arms, and arm restraints, checking and adjusting the tension in the cables, alignment of the sheaves, and, for inground lifts, making sure the pit is free of debris.
  • Inspection certificate is given for each lift that passes the inspection – satisfies the Automotive Lift Institutes requirement of obtaining an annual lift inspection.
  • Semi-annual safety talks with your shop technicians upon request.

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