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Commercial Truck & Transit

B&R has a dedicated team to meet the needs of the commercial truck and transit industry. From heavy duty truck lifts to mobile columns to diverse lubrication distribution systems to parts vertical carousels, we are able to provide the equipment that is demanded by this automotive segment.

Vehicle Lifts

Rotary Heavy-Duty Lifts (over 14,000 lbs):
The direction of heavy-duty vehicle maintenance is changing. Now, the productivity of your fleet depends on your ability to do routine maintenance and repairs fast and efficiently – from under the vehicle. That’s why investing in an automotive lift boosts your bottom line. It improves technician access to dramatically speed up maintenance and repairs.

Rotary Lift sells more lifts than anyone else in the world. They’re built for years of dependable service, and they deliver on it consistently. All supported by a computerized parts system and by a network of trained installation and service specialists.

Tire, Wheel, & Alignment

B&R’s partnership with Hunter Engineering allows us to provide our customers with state-of-the-art wheel balancers, tire changers, wheel alignment systems, quick-check alignments and brake lathes.  This industry leading technology will increase your productivity and profits!

To experience how Hunter equipment can impact your bottom line, call today to schedule a free /no obligation training demonstration with a Hunter certified factory representative at your facility.  Hunter quality is undeniable and seeing is believing! Contact B&R today at 1-301-417-7777

Air Compressors & Dryers

B&R compressed air systems offer reciprocating & rotary screw compressors with Nitrogen generators for efficiencies, versatility, and value.  Based upon your facility’s needs, the air compressor with the correct horsepower and PSI ratings will be specified for your system.

Reciprocating Air Compressors

Air-cooled reciprocating pumps and air compressor packages can be used to match the needs of a wide variety of compressor applications.  A diverse selection of compressors with different horsepower ratings can be chosen from to meet your facility’s needs. Reciprocation compressors are generally very reliable and will perform adequately for many years.

Air Treatment
All compressed air systems require dry, clean air and environmentally sound disposal of by products. B&R vendors offers a complete line of air treatment products that include filters, refrigerated air dryers, desiccant air dryers and membrane air dryers that are designed to produce the cleanest air possible, while maintaining a focus on maximizing the efficiency of the entire compressed air system. Our extensive product portfolio ensures that we can support the unique applications and environments faced by our customers.

Rotary Screw
Rotary screw compressors provide large compressor quality and power in a small package. Rotary screw compressors are known for their efficiency, low noise, and microprocessor control providing all necessary notifications to insure long-life.

Nitrogen Generation
B&R has a variety of nitrogen tire inflation system systems available to meet your needs.  Nitrogen filled tires will last longer, provide increased safety, offer better fuel efficiency, and reduced operating costs. Portable or stationary nitrogen systems are available, easily installed by connecting to your existing compressed air supply, and ready to generate nitrogen in minutes.

Oil & Fluid Distribution Systems & Tanks

B&R fluid inventory and distribution control systems offer versatility with complete user friendly control and value.

High performance systems can provide automated tracking and monitoring plus state-of-the-art dispensing for complete control of your fluid inventory.  These systems will save time, gain billable hours, and maximize your fixed operation’s profitability.

These high performance system components include management software, transceivers, computerized metered dispensers, pump air controls, and tank level monitors. Together, these components can wirelessly talk to each other through an RF signal to collect data from fluid dispenser, levels in bulk oil and waste tanks, plus much more.

More basic systems are also available.  B&R will review the needs of your service facility and make recommendations on the type of system that will provide you with your desired results.

Exhaust Systems

B&R Automotive exhaust removal systems to include under slab, overhead telescoping, and overhead movable crab systems that provide OSHA compliant CO exhaust removal with design and value.  We also provide systems for welding exhaust.

These exhaust systems can be engineered for new or existing buildings providing minimum installation costs and maintenance. B&R will provide consultation on if your system should include under-floor, overhead, thru-the-door, thru-the-wall, and/or automatic retracting hose reels among many other features.  All of the systems that we offer provide the proper ventilation for automobiles, light-duty and diesel trucks, buses, tractors, toxic fumes and welding exhaust.


B&R offers a complete selection of workstation offerings.  Whether your needs are for standard tool benches or for customized complete workstations, we have a wide variety of solutions for you to choose from.

Parts & Tire Carousels

B&R offers Hanel Storage Systems parts vertical carousels.  Hanel is the world leader in parts vertical carousels.  Hanel’s mechanical features are superior to the competition and provide best in class functionality integrating directly to a dealerships DMS system.

B&R represents Interlake Mecaluk vertical tire carousels.  Tire carousels are a great way to conserve parts department space and keep your tires in one common location for easy loading and unloading.

Parts & Storage Equipment

B&R partners with a variety of parts and storage equipment companies that provide a full selection of equipment to meet all storage needs in the automotive industry.  B&R will consult and collaborate with you to create an efficient and functional parts department layout with the desired mix of storage equipment.

Overhead Doors

B&R is a distributor and installer of Hormann Flexon high speed overhead doors.  Hormann Flexon high performance doors are best in class and can provide great efficiencies to any facility.

Miscellaneous Equipment

Whether its floor scrubbers, vises, power washers, shop presses, portable waste fluid receptacles, or battery chargers, B&R can assist in filling out all your shop equipment needs.  In addition to procuring this shop equipment, B&R will assist in installing this equipment and provide training to your staff.