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If both lines remain below 50 it is a sign of consolidation. If we’re looking at a new uptrend emerging the first sign is when the Aroon-Up crosses above the Aroon-Down. This signals new highs are becoming more frequent recently than new lows. The next sign is when the Aroon-Up moves above 50 and the Aroon-Down moves below 50. The third and final sign is when the Aroon-Up reaches 100, while the Aroon-Down remains at extremely low levels, usually below 30.


The winning rate of the Aroon Indicator can differ from one instrument to the other. Combining it with other technical tools can help you increase the winning probabilities. Generally, the trade outcome will depend on how well you use the EA. While we can use the Aroon indicator on all assets, the profitability can vary between instruments. It is vital to backtest the indicator manually or through your custom trading algorithm.

Configuration options

Both indicators are expressed in percentage terms, with reading ranging from 0 to 100. The Aroon up line and the Aroon down line are plotted side-by-side to make interpretation easier. A reading below 50 means that the high/low was seen within the 13 periods. The indicator is typically applied to 25 periods of data, so the indicator is showing how many periods it has been since a 25-period high or low. Your email address is stored securely and updates are pertinent to cryptocurrency trading.


The Oscillator merges the Aroon-Up and Aroon-Down indicators into one indicator. This makes it easy to identify the stronger of the two. The oscillator is positive when Aroon-Up is stronger than Aroon-Down and negative when Aroon-Down is stronger than Aroon-Up.

Aroon Setup

The cross of the indicator lines provide a good signal to take the profit or to exit with a minimum loss. This indicator can send sound and e-mail alerts on the cross. Arrow indicators for binary options are the tools for “the lazy”. In the Forex charts they indicate with arrows the potential points of the market entering. How to filter off market noise with the Laguerre polynomials.


The consists of two lines, Up and Down, which oscillate between 0 and 100. Up is a measure of how close the current bar is to the most recent Highest High for the Period. Down is a measure of how close the current bar is to the most recent Lowest Low for the Period. They can help to show downward or upward trends and to monitor for trend breaks. This site allows you to add your own free-hand trend lines which will then show on any Chart for that stock.

Trend Strength

It helps to indicate if a price is trending or is in a trading range. It can also reveal the beginning of a new trend and changes from trading ranges to trends. Finally, the Arron indicator can also be used in breakout systems.

I love Aroon Oscillators and will start practicing it’s uses. Thank you for laying it out in an easy to understand and descriptive charts. We would expect the effort put to translate into lower prices. If it does not, and we see only a slight change in the price, we know the uptrend is very strong. The Aroon interpretation of this type of reading suggests that we’ve been forming these higher highs for a very long period of time. After we reach the 100 level sometimes we’re starting to get periods of little changes.

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Clearly, these signals are not going to pick bottoms or tops because they occur after a significant move. Also, notice how Google moved counter to the signals just after they were given. There were two sharp pullbacks after the bullish signal in January 2009. The trend continued in the direction of the signal after each counter-trend move. If the Aroon-Up value remains at or near 100, this is interpreted by some market analysts as indicating overbought conditions in a market that make a sell-off likely. The Aroon indicator is similar to the Directional Movement Index developed by Welles Wilder.

The Structured Query Language comprises several different data types that allow it to store different types of information… When Aroon-Up reaches 100, a new uptrend may have begun. If it remains persistently between 70 and 100, and the Aroon-Down remains between 0 and 30, then a new uptrend is underway. The following chart shows an example of the Aroon indicator and how it can be interpreted.

  • The critical reference points are high points, low points, and simultaneous positioning relationships.
  • Price may have already made a significant move up or down and be ready to retrace when the trade signal first appears.
  • Therefore, an Aroon Up reading above 50 means the price made a new high within the last 12.5 periods.
  • The first Aroon indicator to break above 50 and hit 100 will trigger the next signal.

For example, 25-day Aroon-Up measures the number of days since a 25-day high, while 25-day Aroon-Down measures the number of days since a 25-day low. These indicators are shown in percentage terms and fluctuate between 0 and 100. The Aroon Oscillator is simply Aroon-Up less Aroon-Down. The default parameter in SharpCharts is 25 and the example below is based on the 25-day Aroon Oscillator. Some versions of the Aroon combine the two indicators into a single Aroon indicator that, like other oscillators, has values ranging from -100 to +100.

Combining Aroon Indicator with other indicators

Saved lines will appear on all Charts for the symbol provided that the chart is shown with the same Period setting. To adjust the settings of an existing Plot just click on the Plot to display the details popup. For example, to change a Plot containing EMA to EMA, first click on EMA, change the Period to 100, and click an ‘Apply…’ button to save. You can create unlimited combinations of Symbols and Chart settings for easy retrieval across all of your devices and locations.

downward trend

However, as with most momentum oscillator indicators, the Aroon is prone to generating false signals during volatile, choppy trading action. Therefore, traders are wise to look for confirming price and volume action rather than acting based on the Aroon indicator alone. The Aroon indicator system consists of two lines, ‘Aroon’ and ‘Aroon’. It takes a single parameter which is the number of time periods to use in the calculation. Aroon is the amount of time that has elapsed between the start of the time period and the point at which the highest price during that time period occurred. If the stock closes at a new high for the given period, Aroon will be +100.

We can jump over to the higher intervals specifically for the Aroon indicator to filter out the noise. Both the up and down indicators can range at the 0, 100, or the in-between mark. The Aroon Oscillator signals an upward trend is underway when it is above zero and a downward trend is underway when it falls below zero.

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The RSI and the Aroon indicator can act as strongholds for trading reversals. This is possible by determining the overbought/sold conditions on the relative strength index and the spikes from the Aroon. While the indicator may seem complex for beginners, it is quite simple to understand.

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On top of just the Aroon-Up moving upwards, the Aroon-Down needs to move downwards to confirm the bullish trend. Once Aroon-up crosses above Aroon-down a buy signal is generated. Conversely, when the Aroon down line is close to the 100 level, and the Aroon up line is close to the 0 level, then the market is in a strong bearish trend. When the Aroon up line is close to the 100 level, and the Aroon down line is close to the 0 level, then the market is in a strong bullish trend.

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